Light Language

Reshape Your World with Colors and Sacred Geometry
Starr invites you to experience an in-depth understanding of how to utilize light energy, thought and intention to create the shifts needed in your reality.

Decades ago, Starr Fuentes spent three years studying and being initiated in Vera Cruz, Mexico by master teacher Esperanza Mercado. Esperanza shared many secret teachings with Starr, including Light Language—sacred geometry from the Mayan and Aztec traditions. This system of colors and shapes was handed down in a long, unbroken lineage of Mexican Curanderos, master teachers who kept this information within a select community for generations. Esperanza passed the lineage to Starr and asked that she open this teaching to the modern world.
Light Language is reading, writing and emanating light to communicate on the four major planes (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Through the conscious creation of sequences of sacred geometric shapes, combined with colors sent to the aura or energetic fields of self and others, our manifestations are eased into reality.
As a book, Light Language introduces us to seven-shape sequences in seven-shape grid forms used to consciously reshape our world. We learn how to:

  • Work with three Universal Laws of creation
  • Recognize the way colors and geometries are already active in our everyday language, thoughts, and behavior
  • Make instant and long-lasting changes to yourself and the environment with seven-shape grids
  • Shift the energy of a building, room person or situation in life by emanating Seven shape essences.

We share this sacred wisdom with the people of the light recognizing that humanity has evolved to the point where Light Language may be used responsibly for our next stages of growth.

Paperback, 174 Pages - $15.00. Domestic shipping included. International shipping is additional.

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