Acts of Kindness

Broaden your perspective of kindness.

The Golden Rule is something that we are all familiar with, but sadly many of us do not expand upon it in our lives. Having a detached approach to this simple principal can often lead to ungrounded habits surrounding kindness. Explore new perspectives for manifesting kindness in your life in this wonderful coursework with Starr.

This package is a digital download consisting of a one-hour video recording from a live webinar, as well as a beautiful digital course manual. Click here for a video preview of this course.


These packaged video courses are excellent ways to capture the powerful material from Starr's online classes if you weren't able to attend the live event.

Visit the Schedule page in the Participate section to learn about any upcoming live webinars. If you can't attend an event live, don't fret! It will later be available here in the store.

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